Building Industry Picnic Day

Published: 24 Nov 2017

Time is running out to pay your union fees and receive family tickets to the CFMEU Picnic Day.

Regardless of where you go on December 4, one thing is certain - it will be a scream.

Each of the CFMEU Picnic Day options will draw an excited squeal from the lungs: ...

  • Sliding out of control through the Taipan waterslide at Jamberoo Waterpark;
  • Whooshing around the rollercoaster at Luna Park;
  • Getting wrapped in snakes at Reptile World;
  • or get up close and personal with the big cats at the Taronga and Western Plains zoo.

Only financial members of the CFMEU and their families can attend the Picnic Day. Union fees were due in October so if you haven’t paid up yet you can do so via the union website or through the Lidcombe office.

Picnic Day tickets must be picked up at the union office, but can be collected by your partner if they bring your OK card to the union office with them.

The CFMEU will provide tickets for a maximum family of 5 for all venues. Children under three years do not need a ticket.

If required you may buy extra tickets at a cost of $30 per ticket when you collect your tickets.

Tickets can be collected from Lidcombe office 8.30-5.00pm monday to Friday and also from 9-4pm on Saturday 2 December.

Tickets can also be collected from the City office located on level 11, 276 Pitt St, Sydney on Thursdays and Fridays from 8.30am - 4.00pm.

Look forward to seeing you all there.