Mobile crane workers in Newcastle, Singleton, and Wollongong who have not had a pay increase in more than five years, have launched an indefinite strike after the breakdown in talks with their employers.

More than 100 workers at Boom Logistics and WGC cranes have taken legally protected strike action because of the companies’ failure to offer a fair pay deal despite months of negotiations.

Each company is seeking to divide and conquer its workforce by offering variable rates and conditions. The workers want to be treated equally.

These workers have seen from the experience of their counterparts over in Western Australia what this kind of approach to the workforce from management can end up looking like: and it isn't pretty. Workers at Boom and WGC are adamant that they want to stop the spread of cancerous flat rates of pay and labour hire in the industry.

Workers at Boom are fighting for a fair pay rise after 6 years. They accepted a wage increase freeze to help the company out of a difficult financial period, and have been fighting ever since. They're disappointed at how quickly ‘give and take’ turns into ‘take and take’ once these companies are back in the black.

CFMEU NSW Secretary Darren Greenfield said the companies preferred to use threats of legal action and had “lawyered up” rather than act in good faith.”

“Our members are just asking for a fair pay increase at a time when wage growth is at record lows and company profits at record highs,” Mr Greenfield said.

“Instead of negotiating in good faith with our members, the companies involved in this dispute just want to rip further conditions and rights away from their workers.”

WGC cranes is owned by Warren Buffet – one of the richest men in the world, and the bosses at Boom Logistics have seen payrises of up to 25% in the last few years while their workers have had nothing.

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